A way for reducing french highway tolls, is to divise your payment : if you go from toll number 1 to number 10, it will be cheaper to go out and pay at toll number 6 and come in the highway immediatly.
This website help you to determine where it is beter to go out.

Make your route


1 - Fill in the departure address and destination and click the button "Plot your route ."
2 - if the path displayed on the map does not suit you , you can change this path by clicking and dragging it.
3 - follow the black line ( your route). When your black line cross a colored path ( paying motorway network in closed systems ( ticket outlet )) , click on the icon to have all the necessary information (Highway and input numbers) and complet the form below the map.
Same when you go out.
Warning , be sure to zoom in on the inputs and outputs as some are very close to each other and so we did not see if you do not zoom in enough on it.
4 - Choose the pricing options and sorting out, then start the calculation for this portion. Repeat for each couple " input / output " of your route.

The number of interim payments is deliberately limited to 4 yet , because of the computation time needed to compare different rates . If the result shows fewer stops (<4 ), this means that it is not worth stopping more than the maximum amount calculated.

departure address: [street,] city [,area] [,country] (terms in brackets are optional)

destination: [street,] city [,area] [,country] (terms in brackets are optional)

tariff class 1 : cars
tariff class 2 : camping-car, caravans, ...
tariff class 5 : motorcycles
: Erase results with outputs without traffic circle.
: delete results with long or complex outputs.

For traffic class definitions,: see here

For traffic classes 3 and 4 (lorries),see this website : www.autoroute-eco.net

Hourly rate modulations on certain sections of highways are not taken into account (ex : A1).